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Electrical Updates

Update Outlets: Do you still have 2 prong outlets? Maybe you have an outlet that has stopped working. Non functioning outlets could be the result of an every larger wiring problem. So don't  put off repairing them.  Call us to troubleshoot your outlets and make the necessary repairs to make sure your home is safe.

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters): Improving the safety of your home's electrical system and meet modern electrical codes by installing GFCI outlets in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and garages where water may be present.

AFCI Protection: Arc-fault circuit interrupters are electrical safety devices designed to prevent fires caused by dangerous electrical arcs. Modern home constructions require Arch Fault Protection in all bedrooms. Is your house up to safety codes?

Surge Protection Outlet: For rooms with costly electronics you may want to consider installing an outlet with surge protection built in. This will protect you against dangerous spikes in electricity that might harm electrical devices.

Upgrade Electrical Panels:  If you are looking to replace your electrical panel, we can help with a professional installation and improved safety.


Meter Socket Installation: When replacing some fuse boxes it may be necessary to replace the Meter Socket. We are experienced in all phases of panel and meter replacement and will advice you as to the safest way to bring your home up to code.

Fuse to Circuit Breaker Upgrades:  Upgrade old fuse systems to more modern circuit breakers.

Electrical Safety Inspections: Unsafe systems can expose your family to an increased risk of fire or injury. Call our licensed Chicago Electricians for an electrical Safety Inspection or new or existing homes.

Code Compliance: Call our certified electricians to help bring your electrical system up to code.

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