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Celing & Attic Fan Installation

Ceiling Fans: Ceiling Fans are an efficient way to feel cooler, or to move warm or cool air around the home. We can help you with installation or troubleshooting existing fans. 

Exhaust Fans: Ventilate your bathroom or kitchen, by removing humid air and odors, or to help bring in fresh air.  In bathrooms especially ventilation fans can help reduce the build-up of mold. Call us to help troubleshoot existing fans or install the electrical connection to newly installed units.

Attic Fans: The roof of your home helps to retain heat, which can be unwelcome in summer when you are trying to cool your home.  An attic fan can often help improve the efficiency of your cooling needs.

Fan Troubleshooting: If there's an issue with your existing fans call us to help diagnose and remedy the issue.

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